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AG Certification for Organizations

Our AG Certification for Organizationsrecognizes your organization’s AG maturity. AG Certification is a credential that is given to organizations who satisfy a set of requirements. AGI recognizes organizations who have demonstrated proficiency in thestandards of authentic governance in ways that are in keeping with the AG system. Find out your organization’s AG performance level in an easy to understand overview that will let you see its true strengths as well as areas in need of improvement. You'll sit with our interviewer for about 45 minutes and within 5 minutes you will receive an integrated assessment that gives you the snapshot you need!.The related AG Life Cycle Scan is a unique online AG performance excellence assessment instrument that focuses on the overall AG performance of your organization. It identifies which aspects of your organization is eligible for improvement and how this is achieved. The scan is an excellence model aimed at continuous improvement. It is a holistic instrument for systematic self-diagnosis that will help both public and private sector organizations to increase AG performance in a holistic way.

Who should apply?

Organizations that want to become recognized as an ethical high performance organization.

Why AG Certification

Customers are entitled to information that better enables them to discriminate ethical from unethical organizations.

Keep you up-to-date. AGI continually conducts in-depth studies to ensure that our credentials actually reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed.

Encourage professional growth. You never have to worry about anAGI certification becoming obsolete. Our certification maintenance program encourages you to continually develop your skills and stay current as the profession changes.

Help you get ahead. AGI certification offers financial benefits.It helps you stand out and better market yourself to prospective employers.

Are renowned throughout the world. Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of AGI certification. AGI is providingAG certification globally and is designed specifically for Accountants, Financial Consultants, Management Consultants and Financial Executives.

There’s no doubt that anAGI certification opens doors to success. Decide which AGI certification is right for you.

How might AGcertification benefit your organization?

The AG designation shows that you have demonstrated proficiency according to the AG system. The certification will set your organization apart from others who have not engaged in the same degree of examination by clients. Once certified, your company name will be listed on a registry and on our AGI website that is available to clients. The AG designation is an indication that your organization has met the standards of AG as evidenced by its high ethical performance.

What are the requirements for AGcertification?

The eligibility requirements to apply through the regular certification process include the implementation of the complete AG system, in a manner that demonstrates the use of each of the AG Standards. A qualified AGI reviewer will determine if all requirements have been met. Once certified, the organization must apply for re-certification every 2 years to maintain the AGI designation.

How will proficiency be assessed?

An applicant’s proficiency will be assessed through a combination of attestations by clients and employees, and review by qualified AGI reviewers of the AG way of life within the company. Reviewers are AGI professionals who have received training and guidelines for doing the review. Organizations that have achieved a certain total score and a balanced distribution over the AG standards are eligible for the AGI recognition or the AGI-award. Organizations that have obtained anAGI-award will be AG certified.

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