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Prof.Dr. Hubert Rampersad founded the Authentic Governance Institute (AGI) in 2014 in the United States as a nonprofit organization for fellow authentic governance and corporate governance professionals to support each other and grow the authentic governance profession globally. It is based on his new book “Authentic Governance; Aligning Personal Governance with Corporate Governance“ Two main endorsements for this book:

1) “Authentic Governance is a systematic, integrated, pragmatic, and innovative approach to corporate governance. By expanding traditional corporate governance concepts and integrating personal integrity and ethical leadership into one overall authentic governance framework, Dr. Hubert Rampersad gives us a new blueprint for sustainable corporate governance in which formal corporate regulations and personal values mutually reinforce each other. By unifying corporate ethics with individual ethics he has written an outstanding synthesis, which is addressed to the corporate challenges of managing in the 21st century”.

2) “This book makes a most useful contribution to the never ending challenge of protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures. It serves as a practical guide and a tool kit for executives who aspire to realize ethical corporate excellence”.

AGI has become the global not-for-profit membership association for the authentic governance profession. AGI’s worldwide advocacy for authentic governance is reinforced by our globally recognized standards, certification and licensee programs for consultants and organizations, extensive academic programs, eLearning programs, chapters of practice in 50 countries, and professional development opportunities. Become a member and see what AGI can offer you at every stage of your authentic governance career. Discover more about what our AGI membership is and what benefits it offers, and choose the type of membership that’s best for you. As an AGI member, you gain exclusive access to AGI publications and our global standards, networking options with our global chapters and online communities of practice, and career opportunities. AGI also offers a comprehensive authentic governance certification program for accountants, financial consultants, corporate governance practitioners and organizations globally. You will demonstrate your expertise and your commitment to the authentic governance profession with an AGI certification.

Authentic Governance; a new breakthrough and sustainable corporate governance blueprint

It is time that we become aware that corporate governance cannot be controlled effectively with formal and exhaustive rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures only. It’s about decency and personal integrity and this must be cultivated from within. Personal integrity has no need of rules. It must be a way of life.

Remember what Plato said in 340 BC: “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws”. Research shows that a large percentage of the world’s population is bad. For example, America has around 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of its prisoners. Roughly one in every 107 American adults is behind bars. Among them are also many executives, leaders and professionals.

Research shows that current corporate governance methods provide no protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures, check this article. Still have many organizations comprehensive corporate governance codes in place, implemented by the left brain Big Four accountancy firms (PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte), McKinsey, Top Corporate Governance Law Firms,… which apparently are not working at all. They made things worse and created a stable basis for more corruption. We need a sustainable and innovative solution to this global epidemic urgently!

Why don’t these organizations and consultants learn from Plato and focus on creating a culture of good people, in which personal values are aligned with the laws and embedded in the mind of the people, instead of focusing on laws (corporate governance) only? Dr. Rampersad picked up where others left off by launching an innovative and sustainable methodology for creating a culture of good Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, managers and employees, in which high ethical values are aligned with their corporate governance rules, regulations and guidelines and embedded in their mind. This innovative method is based on his new book “Authentic Governance; Aligning Personal Governance with Corporate Governance“. ….read further.