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Vision and Mission


Authentic Governance Institute USA is the premier professional institution and membership association that inspires and empowers its members in the science and art of authentic governance, thus increasing their professional, personal and corporate advantage in USA.


Authentic Governance Institute USA will maximize member value by:

  • Promoting the principles of the Authentic Governance Institute through networking, sharing knowledge, experiences, training, and professional certification for practitioners and organizations in USA
  • Creating an ethical based environment and opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, professionalism and application of authentic governance
  • Fostering and enabling corporate, community and educational networking opportunities
  • Partnering with business, academia and government to unleash the power of authentic governance and to reduce corruption
  • Serving our members and promote exceptional and sustainable corporate governance.
  • Promoting the profession of authentic governance among our members and within our communities; offer opportunities to educate, connect, and develop value based and ethical leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Attracting, developing and retaining good people to ensure the future of USA

Core Values

Authentic Governance Institute USA (AGIN) is driven by a clear mission and an underlying set of values that drive how we act and influence the expectations of our stakeholders. These values are enduring and are guiding principles upon which we act.

At AGIN, we believe in:

Professionalism; Accountability and ethical behavior ensures our commitment to all AGIN stakeholders.

Volunteerism; Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the AGIN’s goals and objectives.

Community; Bringing members of the authentic governance and corporate governance community together is the best way to advance the authentic governance profession and facilitate their growth.

Engagement; Encouraging diverse viewpoints and enabling individuals to contribute to the authentic governance profession and to AGIN.