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December 19, 2015 (8.30 AM – 3 PM)
Main Organizer:
AntiCorruption & Ethics Movement Suriname

1. Introduction

Poor ethical leadership, lack of personal integrity and personal responsibility, fraud, corruption, and lack of corporate governance rules and regulations in Suriname are the main contributors towards poor performance of the country. Awareness for good governance, business ethics, personal integrity and personal responsibility is therefore badly needed in Suriname for the sustainable development of the country. These topics are also increasingly receiving recognition from the international community as the foundation for a good investment climate, which affects the poverty level. Remember this: Ethics and integrity are the best weapons against poverty.

Chairman: Hubert Rampersad

2. Audience

This conference will gather policy-makers, governance practitioners, and eminent scholars of public administration to exchange perspectives and share insights and experiences on forming effective and sustainable development strategies through good governance, ethics, personal integrity and sense of personal responsibility.

3. Objectives

  • Discuss key issues and highlight the role of good governance, ethics, personal integrity and personal responsibility for national development;
  • Provide a platform for policy dialogue and knowledge networking among governance and ethics stakeholders;
  • Facilitate the sharing of lessons, experiences and best practices on good governance, ethics, personal integrity and personal responsibility;

4. Expected Accomplishments

  • Increased awareness among policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and other actors on the role and contribution of good governance and effective and efficient public administration for national and local development;
  • Identify innovative examples of strategies or practices demonstrating good governance and responsive public administration in Suriname and issue some awards on ethical leadership and good governance to role models in Suriname.

5. Venue and Organization

The Conference will be conducted in English and will be held in Paramaribo, Suriname, on December 19, 2015. The Conference will consist of an opening ceremony with keynote speeches and regular sessions. Proposed themes of keynotes are as below.

International speakers online via videoconference system:

  1. Prof.Dr. Hubert Rampersad, Miami, USA; Chairman Technological University of the Americas (TUA) and Authentic Governance Institute in the USA, former MIT Sloan guest professor. Topic: Authentic Governance. Click on this link for a summary of this keynote. His interviews in Fortune Magazine and BusinessWeek , Videos ;
  2. Prof. Dr. Rudy Garrity, Washington, USA, Vice-President TUA: Topic: Business Ethics & Leadership. For his CV
  3. Urs Hauenstein, London UK / Solothurn Switzerland, President and Visiting Professor International Council for Leadership, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Management. Topic: Key Competencies and Qualifications for Good Governance & Leadership in the 21st century. For his CV
  4. Christian R. Gutzwiller, MBE CISA, Liechtenstein. President Authentic Governance Institute Europe and Honorary Consul for Ghana in Austria. Topic: Corporate governance in the European Banking Industry. For his CV

Speakers from Suriname:

  1. Corruption in Suriname and the Carribean (by Michiel Bilkerdijk, Lecturer ADEK University and Chairman AntiCorruption & Ethics Movement Suriname)
  2. The impact of corruption on the financial stability in Suriname (by Drs. Steven Debipersad, Lecturer ADEK University and Vice-Chairman AntiCorruption & Ethics Movement Suriname)

6. Ethical and good governance award ceremony

  • The Most Ethical Politician Award
  • The Anti-Corruption Crusader Award
  • Authentic Governance Award
  • Ethical Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

To participate and for inquiries, please contact the following:

Drs. Steven Debipersad

Vice-Chairman, AntiCorruption & Ethics Movement Suriname

Tel. : +597-8736669

E-mail :


AntiCorruption & Ethics Movement Suriname and Authentic Governance Institute USA ( ). Authentic Governance Institute (AGI) is the global not-for-profit membership association for the authentic governance profession. Check this link.

Participation Requirements:

By Invitation